🤷🏻‍♀️ Taxi Quest

Pixelated assets | heat your home with bitcoin | gig worker = lame. Quest taker = much better!

This week I am off work and I have realised: using my energy to help private companies acheive their 'visions' is uncool, and I'm not into it.

Be that as it may, the week in tech was: sort of okay I guess? 🤷‍♀️. Why? I don't make the rules!

  • A quick look into how Uber Quests work

  • How to buy art like a tech bro

  • A competition! Hint: it's to do with computer game genitals

🖼️ And now, for an even douchier way to buy art

This week my online conversations have been ABLAZE with NFTs which stands for No Farts Tolerated if your cool, or Non-Fungible Tokens if you’re being useful. An NFT is a digital asset: it's completely unique, and non-interchangeable, sort of like real-world objects. As such, it's the perfect technology with which to sell purely virtual, non-tangible, entirely screen-based art.

So basically: I can go onto a site like Zora and buy what is essentially Etherium fan art, and feel confident that this move to diversify my portfolio is legit, because I have undeniable blockchain powered proof that I own it. Meanwhile, everyone else saves screenshots of the 'asset', which are completely indistinguishable from whatever I bought, and life continues as normal.

☝️Just in case you think this is stupid: Logan Paul already made $3.5M by selling NFTs, so yes, it is stupid. Here's the proof: it's totally memeable...

  1. Broke: this is a new way for artists to make money

  2. Woke: this is YET ANOTHER WAY for rich people to play with money

  3. Bespoke: this is also another way for us to alter the earth's atmosphere by wasting precious energy on lame blockchain ideas.

Pro-tip 👉 Christies have started their very first auction for digital artwork today. In other words, the NFT train is leaving the station, and you better jump on. Otherwise you'll be left behind with nothing but an original Picasso on your wall — like some kind of chump.

🚖 I anoint thee with a quest to shepherd these louts of olde forth-hence

I follow a Florida taxi driver on Twitter because they share interesting stories on what it's like working in the gig economy as someone who has to drive drunk covid deniers home.

Recently they tweeted about how gamified Uber's Quest feature is. Below is a screenshot from a friend of theirs working in New Jersey. Apparently a quest is a thing you undertake when all you want to do is earn a decent wage...

Cool facts:

  • 60 trips is roughly 20 hours of work, making that 90 trip bonus seem impossible if you want to be alive and well after you're done.

  • These rates are completely different depending on where you are. Our Florida driver only gets an extra $0.92 a ride for doing 60 trips in a short space of time

But why am I complaining? These aren't bullshit incentives. They're quests. How can you be upset about this when you get to go on a quest every weekend? What I wouldn't give to go on a a really exciting quest for very little money...

💾 Small bits for your ever-shrinking chips

FACT: your money can actually keep you warm at night, if you mean that your central heating system relies on the heat generated by mining cryptocurrencies.

'Link tax' update: Facebook have caved and, just like Google, agreed on a partnership where they pay News Corp for failing to adapt their product in a shifting market. More about this in the last issue of Horrific/Terrific.

Ring for justice: the EFF released emails that show LAPD requesting Ring footage from civilians during BLM protests. I am unpleasantly unsurprised. I wrote more about this here.

Something hella cool: GPS has become so powerful and accurate that it was able provide twelve days warning to a village in Hunan, China that a devastating landslide was coming. Because SATELLITES can see BITS OF DIRT moving on the earth's surface 🤯

😱 Competition time!

A thousand points to whoever can guess what I'm talking about here...

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